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artist statement


I am inspired by the diversity and vitality of life around me. I observe nature and civilization with a critical eye and both intuitive and analytical thinking, and draw on the balance between order and chaos in nature to combine organic and geometric forms in my artwork and find ways to show movement through static forms. I try to capture and awaken the inner energy that is enclosed within the material, and liberate it through shapes, lines, texture, and color. In my ceramic and sculptural works, I aspire to break down the barrier between decorative and fine arts; creating objects that are symbolic, but not representational. In oil and acrylic paintings, my experience of the world is reflected in use of color, which is natural in its simplicity, bright and contrasting – a celebration of self-determination.

For me the creative process is both rational and irrational - I let the work take shape as I go. The creation of every piece begins with the overall feel of the material, as material dictates form, and the form in turn unfolds the idea.My current ceramic and sculptural works have evolved from explorations of the characteristics of materials. Material speaks to me through the tactile contact with my fingers. By responding to the material intuitively, the ideas emerge organically, and the creative process becomes a kind of a natural flow - a state of concentration characterized by complete absorption in the process of creativity.

My artworks are highly symbolic and expressive, and focus on the themes of life and death, transpersonal psychology, metaphysics, spirituality, and Zen philosophy. My goal is to create conceptual art that has the power to psychologically influence the viewer, draw his focus to specific philosophical and spiritual themes, and reveal to him other layers of perception and dimensions of being.

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